top tips

Whether you’re baking cakes, shaving your head or climbing a mountain, here are a few simple tips to help you raise even more money.


It's simple. Gift Aid is a government initiative that allows donations given to charity to be tax-effective. As soon as you give your permission by completing a Gift Aid declaration form, we can claim the tax back on your donation. This means that a £10 donation will be worth £12.50 and for every £50 gift, we will actually receive £62.50.

HMRC provides more information about this here.


Matched funding is where a company offers to donate an amount of money to your fundraising efforts. This can either match the amount that you’ve raised or be a fixed amount per employee.

Companies can see great benefits because matched funding can help them to achieve their Corporate Social Responsibility targets, as well as reduce the amount of corporate tax they pay.

Collection Buckets/Pots

Ask us for one of our bright purple Mark Lay Foundation buckets or pots for your event. You may find people drop their loose change in as an extra donation to you. Every penny counts and makes a huge difference.

Get organised

Make sure you start planning well in advance – even a year ahead is fine! Do you need to book a venue or obtain permissions from anyone?

Tell us about your plans/ideas

You’re not on your own, contact us and meet us to have a coffee and a chat about your idea. We can help you put on a successful event or achieve your dream challenge.

Ask for help

Putting on a fundraiser is more fun when you have friends, family and/or work colleagues to help you – don’t be afraid to ask them. Don’t forget to ask us as well - we’re also here to help you!


Think about setting up a personalised donation page to collect your donations. Two of the most popular are JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving. They both offer a really easy way for people to sponsor you and add messages of support to spur you on when the training gets tough. And when you select the Mark Lay Foundation as your chosen charity, all income is transferred directly to us. So all you have to do is share your page on Facebook and Twitter to get the word out to all of your friends and family!

Read all about it!

Tell everyone about your activity! You could display posters, hand out flyers, mention it on Facebook/Twitter or other social media sites, advertise in free local magazines/websites, tell the local papers and radio stations what you are doing.

Remember - the quickest way to spread the word is to tell a friend - also make sure to let us know so we can promote the event on your behalf.

Raffle & Games

Holding a raffle or a game such as ‘guess the weight of the cake’ at your event can help boost your fundraising total. In our experience people can rarely resist a raffle; see if you can source some complimentary prizes from friends, family or local businesses.