Mark’s Story

In October 2013 Mark was delivered the devastating news that he had cancer – he was only 42 at the time. It was an overwhelming blow to a lovely, happy family. Mark had bowel cancer and had it spread to the liver due to the aggressive nature of the cancer.

Mark underwent several surgeries, 50 rounds of chemotherapy, ground breaking procedures and constant treatment over 4 years. Mark quickly realised that cancer is unforgiving and cruel as he found himself having to fight every single day.

Mark sadly lost his battle in 2017 surrounded by his loved ones at St Wilfrid's Hospice where he received the best care possible.

Mark was a huge advocate for fundraising and spent a lot of his time whilst in treatment raising funds for charities close to his heart. It only seems fitting that, as a tribute to Mark, the charity will tie together two of his biggest passions; fundraising and of course, family. Nothing was more important to Mark than family.