Dying Matters Week, Jo’s story.

This week is dying with dignity week. Here is our co-founder Jo’s story to what impact St Wilfrids Hospice had on allowing Mark to die with dignity.

“My dad was such a proud man and throughout his years of treatment he always managed to put a brave face on.

I was in the car with my mum and dad on the heart-breaking journey from his home to the hospice. Once we arrived I ran into the reception and told the lady that he was in the car, when the nurses approached the car with a wheelchair, every bit of me believed my dad was going to say ‘no thank you’ and walk himself to his room, but to my surprise he gave the nurses a little nod and accepted their offer.

It may only seem a small thing to most, but to me my mum and my brothers it meant he was ready to let his guard down, he was ready to let go and he knew and trusted that the nurses and the hospice would look after him once he stepped out of the car. I will be forever grateful for the hospice for giving the most dignified man I know and love the most dignified ending.”

Thomas Lay