Julie’s Story

Meet Julie.

Julie, 59, was diagnosed with advanced sarcoma cancer on the pulmonary artery in February 2019. Sadly, her diagnosis is terminal and with the only treatment option being one that would cause a pulmonary aneurysm she is now focusing on creating special memories with her family. Julie applied for a ‘Mark’ing Memories Grant and after being approved by our panel, was able to book a trip for her, and her family to go to Butlins for 4 nights.

When Julie found out that she had been successful in securing one of our grants she was “over the moon in tears”. She “could not explain the feeling” of being given the opportunity to spend precious time with her loved ones.

Since returning from their trip Julie reflects on what was “a great holiday” by sharing some special moments. “The three grandchildren had never had a family holiday and have since asked if they can go back again. Even though I could only drive around on a mobility scooter which we hired, the grandkids, my son, daughter, son in law and hubby went on a lot of the fairground rides. The day before we came home they all had an amazing experience in the swimming pool, we could not get the two little girls who are 3 and 5 out of the water! Lewis, 8, had a great time on the flumes with the elders whilst I looked after the girls in the paddling area which had slides. They loved it!”

The Mark Lay Foundation provides families like Julie’s the chance to create and cherish memories that mean everything to people at their darkest moments and memories future generations can treasure forever. Tom and Josephine Lay, co-founders at the Mark Lay Foundation say “we are so incredibly proud and thankful to our wonderful volunteers and fundraisers that work so hard to raise money. The amazing work they do means that people like Julie can take the time to be with their loved ones. We wish Julie, and her family our love and will keep them in our thoughts.”